Kinda, sorta, maybe the seventh bike to roll off the rack in Woolie’s Workshop, The Sevenish is the latest bike that’s been brought into being by Deus Ex Machina’s US Motorcycle Design Director, Michael Woolaway.

A bit about the name—Although the total number of finished builds out of Woolie's Workshops numbers eight or nine, this bike has the very distinctive “007 Woolie” stamp pressed into its steel skeleton, meaning it’s a full frame-up, Deus Ex Machina manufactured, custom build: about as Deus as a bike can get. Combine that with the fact that the build was commissioned by motion picture helicopter pilot Fred North, who just happens to have done aerial film work on several Bond movies, and the name The Sevenish finds clearer focus. Don’t let the wishy washy nomenclature fool you, though. The Sevenish, much like its owner, is incredibly precise in its purpose. And it is without a doubt incredibly fun to ride.

It’s a full competition dirt track set up that’s super light and handles extremely well. It’s planted. The seating position is very forward, right at the base of the tank. There’s a lot of ground clearance. The tires are dirt track racing spec. “The Sevenish spins up the tire accelerating in first gear, loves to back into turns and slides into stop signs. It’s really really fun to ride” says Woolie. With only about two-ish people in the world that can attest to that, we’ll take his word for it.

Woolie’s Workshop would like to extend a very special thanks to:

-Ed Sorbo at Lindemann Engineering
-James Elliand at Rizoma USA
-Pierre Vallaincourt at Works Performance