If you haven't heard Matt Willey's name, you've certainly seen his work. Following five years as art director of New York Times Magazine, the English born, Brooklyn based designer became a partner at the renowned design firm Pentagram. He invited us into his home and studio to discuss the collaboration project and capsule collection which has Monte Carlo Rally winning Mini Coopers in its DNA.

Headlining the collaboration is a historic racing Mini Cooper S with custom livery designed by Willey. The design references the Mini's storied and winning history at the Monte Carlo Rally including the Monte Carlo coat of arms, rally pace note hieroglyphics and period (in)correct advertising copy lines.

The Mini Cooper, launched by BMC in 1959, is renowned for dominating the international rally scene during the 1960s and early '70s. In 1962, female racing pioneer Pat Moss drove a mini to victory in the Netherlands Tulip Rally, securing the car's first international rally win and a milestone for women in motorsport. In 1964, 65, and 67, the Mini won the Rallye Monte Carlo, repeatedly outmaneuvering the competition on the infamous rally's icy Alpine roads. Thanks to the small but mighty Mini's agile handling and the tenacity of its world-class teams, the legend of the Mini was born.