Vignette No.2

The Deus family is ever-growing, with ambassadors and advocates joining from all points of the compass. However the latest addition to said family comes literally from our door step. 15 year Temple old shop grom Riman Jayadi grew up in Canggu and cut his teeth on the waves we call our local break.

Being part of the CSC (Canngu Surf Community) he is a regular in the water out front, and when he is not is school, or working part-time in our glassing bay, it is probably the best place to look if you wanted to find him. We have watched Riman progress and hone his surfing skill set over since he was a min grom . and we can't think of a better local ripper to fly the flag.

We are very stoked to have the quirky fun-loving kid on our side, and have made a little vignette to commemorate him being the latest member to join to our eclectic yet diverse group of loveable misfits.

Oh yeah side note, Riman, along with all the other members of the CSC will be surfing in the 2nd annual New Years Eve Day Deus/CSC Surf Tourney on the 31st of December So if you are in the area come down and show some support!