A day at the beach. Deus (deconstructed) Slidetoberfest Day Two

Who doesn’t like a trip to the seaside? Most don't know that surfing was where Slidetoberfest all began. It was the germ of the original idea when we started this whole shebang in the first place. Hard to believe it was eight years ago. It was a time and a place to blow off steam after all of the getting together of what we all know now to be the Temple of Enthusiasm. It was the culmination of a whole lot of hard work. And Slidetoberfest was the celebration of our achievements. A day off where you didn’t think about what needed to be done. Slidetoberfest then was a day of surfing with mates. Nothing more nothing less. Neither contrived nor competitive. Lacking discrimination and classification and purporting inclusiveness. Over the years it morphed, twisted and weaved and got built up to be more of a motor event as we got dragged along on the escalator of life by our interests, needs and wants. Perhaps this Bali wide ban on external events is a good thing. Because today we all went surfing together. We got in vans drove to a beach and we had fun. We paddled. We talked. We laughed. We ate lunch in a local warung. We drank beer. Some went out and caught waves and some didn’t. No one cared because everyone that came had a great time. We blew off steam. Sometimes we lose sight of the goals. We build mental mountains and bridges that need to be crossed. The simple things that excited us before get lost in the chase for the new, the real, the authentic, the individual. Fate, bad timing and rotten luck, today showed us that this pairing back of the Deus Slidetoberfest to where it once came, is a blessing in disguise. Today we, the Deus family and friends, went surfing together.