This little Yamaha TW 225 got treated to a make over by Jeremy, the restless Deus Camperdowm head tech, who simply couldn't bare to look at it stock in a dark corner of the workshop. Jez gets straights into the nitty gritty and gets the lill TW onto the old fashion Deus weight loss program.

Plastic bit bops be gone! He goes for the classic choice of black paint all over the wheels and engine. Suspension cops a upgrade with the front fork internals fitted to a harder stance, while out back a Black spring is shoe horned in for a greater spring rate. A Vintage Husky aluminum fuel tank is rescued from the scrap yard and gets given a new lease on life and a fresh lick of paint by Dutchy, of Dutchy Motorcycle paint.

More Alloy is added with the front fender. The after market header pipe snakes its way to a rather open SuperTrapp muffler to yield a healthy growl from the single. The new subframes is given some comfort with a EasyRider seat, no sore back sides on those long city rides. The chunky air box is tossed out and replaced with a High flow K&N filter to allow for this little fella to take some deep breaths. Two is better than one, so the headlight and tail light get doubled, giving this TW a unique look.