The 5th annual Deus Slidetober Fest was held from 16-18 October 2015. The Moto X event on day three was arguably the most exciting, nerve racking and skillful display of riding to be witnessed in a Deus event.

The Tibah MX Park situated adjacent to the beach, provided an ideal playground for the day. The location was also a perfect fit for the wheels and waves culture that Slidetober represents.

There were three divisions: Open, Vintage & an exhibition from the Bali Vintage Off Road Club. However, the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the spontaneous battle between Forrest Minchinton and Kevin Morel on their 250s.

Congratulations to Forrest for taking out the Open class and to Matt Cuddihy for his win in the Vintage class. We have compiled the day's highlights in this film for your pleasure. Enjoy.

Video by : Nick Jones.

Cinematography :

Andre Cricket.

Nick Jones.

Moritz Leibl.

Aerial Cinematography :

Errol at BALI HIGH.O.R.G.

Music by - Billy Bragg & Wilco