Deus Cycleworks: Brianza Classic Ride

Italy is a perfect place for cycling. Perfect roads, perfects landscapes, perfect weather. We get more than 8/9 months in one yearthat are perfect for riding, but during the year we get also some special moments that give us the best rides of the year. Autumn is one of those. With its color, smells and lights. The grey of the streets perfectly match with the red of the trees and the blue of the skies. That are just broken, in the distance, by the white of the snow that starts falling on the Alps. It's truly a special moment that we wait for year long, and a way of riding that we love. For this reason last Thursday we left our workplace, took our bikes - two Carby Roads and three Steelness' - and strapped them on two very special support cars. And we moved to the famous "Brianza": an exciting and beautiful countryside just 30kms away from Milan, which is one of the most perfect places for cycling in Lombardia. Just to go for a ride on the same roads where the Giro di Lombardia lands every October, to organize the famous road race. #outsideisfree