If you travel 30 scenic minutes up the black and in along a little dirt from the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, you get to one of our favourite places on the island. A MX track located one dune back from the beach. It's like it's been built for us and in actual fact it just has. We're the guilty party behind getting this place bull dozed and rebuilt so it would be up to scratch for our up coming Deus Slidetober Fest 2015. We'll hold Moto X Sunday down here on 18th October 2015.

When news that the refurb had been finished came through two of the keenest two wheeling Temple rats, Kelana Humphrey and Zye Norris decided to take full advantage of having Deus family member and MX wunderkind, Agi Aggisi in town. The 3 times MX2 champ was all over it like a rash, wasting no time at all rustling up a borrowed bike. Our likely lads were super stoked to be getting some pertinent pointers from this renown guru. The morning full of preparations completed, the three of them headed up after lunch with a bulging truckload of gear. They rode the afternoon through to twilight.

Watch through to the last bit, where from the mouth of a mere kid, we get to ask Agi that question that's been on everyone's lips. We do love Agi, even if he comes from the garish end of the sport where riders don suits that are more colourful than those a Vegas tranny would be caught dead in.