Back to the Future. Deus (deconstructed) Slidetoberfest, Day Four

For the fourth and final day of Slidetoberfest 2018 we whacked on the handbrakes and drove back to our roots. At eight in the am, we drifted in as sleep left, to one of the last of the beachside Warungs in Canggu. A day with friends and family. Nothing serious nor contrived. Just getting wet before lunch and having a conversation over a coconut or a Bali coffee. This was what we had done in those first few Slidetobers. It was a day to relax. To blow off some steam. Back in the planning stages, which was only about a week before when we heard we couldn't run the standard format Slidetoberfest. We had thought that the fast tempo of the days and nights previous may have weighed on people so today was all about slowing down. Relaxing before the big night ahead. In the clear light of Sunday morning, you couldn't tell as the promise of a laid-back schedule got them in rather quickly. Nothing to achieve and plenty of time to do it in. Why wouldn't you race to the beach? The water had a clarity about it none had seen in years. The light sparkled off of errant water droplets and the wind made a stranger of itself, at least for the first few hours. The surf might have looked rather under promising to the casual eye, unless of course, you were there like us, to do nothing fast.