Lost In louee

Family member and Deus' number 1 Aussie Moto X rider Zye Norris jetted down to Sydney to spend a few days out west getting lost on Lue Station - near the village of Louee in Central NSW, population 815. Lue station is also home to the Louee Enduro and Motocross Complex. 150 kms of rural enduro trails, motocross tracks and more fun than you can poke a stick at. Especially when your stick happens to be a brand new 60th Anniversary trail bike, generously provided by YAMAHA. We spent the days doing our best to get as lost as we could on and off the beaten track, from the groomed burms and doubles of the motocross tracks to the endless kilometres of enduro and single track, on steep hill climbs and open paddocks. At night accommodation was at the Lue Hotel where Zye and our Deus Sydney family found the beer cold, the grub plentiful and the chins wagging - even earning some elbow room from the local hard man "Woody" who demanded to hear tales of the days getting Lost in Louee.

So if you're looking to mix new school fun with old school hospitality - we can highly recommend getting out to Louee to sample the wares.