Hanging and Jamming with the boys from a Band Of Frequencies

We were lucky enough to have the legends that make up the Australian psychedelic surf roots & progressive rock group, ‘Band of Frequencies’ here a couple weeks ago hanging out at the Temple and jamming out whenever they felt like the wanted to. To kick things off, they played a special one-off set with a live soundtrack they had scored to accompany the screening of surf journalist Phil Jarratt’s latest film project “Men of wood and Foam.’ After they spent couple days of surfing fun waves up and down the coast, the boys posted up for an afternoon in our 100 year old Gladak, a traditional Indonesian teak wood house which just so happens to have great acoustics, to record an awesome jam session for a series we call ‘Gladak Sessions’ The video of which we will be releasing soon so keep an eye out! The guys spent a few hours of laughing, drinking and recording, the session came out amazing and we can't wait to share it with you shortly! After that was all said and done, the boys came back later in the evening to rock out for a Sunday Session with a packed courtyard late into the night, keeping the party going at the Deus Villa with the help of some instruments, speakers and a bottle of tequila. Great having you around boys, come back anytime!